With a second album recently released in November 2015.. "Count Me In" is a cummulation of efforts to date for
independent recording artist,Mary Resek.
 Her debut album “Two In The Saddle”, released in 2008, had single releases to both  Canadian and European radio, along with placing in the top 10 on the ECMA charts.
  Mary's musical influences and country roots began at the tender age of four, when her family would gather around the Resek house for their Saturday night jams. 
Her Dad, who also played in country bands, would play guitar, yodel and sing while the rest of the family would harmonize, play guitar, accordion,saxophone,violin and organ…

  Her first public performances started at age seven with the school choir and then later on throughout high school performing in the school band playing alto saxophone.

    A loyal audience and fan base quickly surfaced.

   Mary realized then that country music was her true passion and audience acceptance for a budget EP recording prompted Mary to take the next big step... investing in a professionally recorded studio session. Recorded at Alberta’s Premier Studio“ The Beach Studios” in Calgary, Alberta with Producer Lanny Williamson , Mary's debut album "Two In The Saddle", was released to audiences across North America and Europe.
It reveals just a little of Mary’s “spirit” and offers a pure Traditional Country sound, one that came naturally.



Plans are currently underway to take her music to the next level with subsequent single releases to radio, and continuing to develop and spread her music and talent where ever she can with performances that are now expanding beyond her hometown of Calgary Alberta and crossing border to the US

Some highlights of her career include:



  • Recipient of the Alberta's Women of Country Music LifeTime Achievement Award 2014
  • ACMA nominee for female artist and fan's choice awards 2012,2013,2014 
  • Showcases with the ACMA during CCMA week in Edmonton,Alberta 2010
  • Showcases at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival and CCMA’s 2009/2010/2011
  • Performer at the Windows on the West Stage (Calgary Stampede)2010/2011,2012,2013
  • Performer for the Ray Griff Benefit Concert 2009
  • Finalist in the Country 105 and National Finals Rodeo Vocal Spotlights 2000